Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tuffits and Movies! Oh My!!

Whew!  Busy end of the week! Sometimes it feels like there is something to think about, get ready for, take care of, order and handle every minute of the week.  I guess that's what makes this job so much fun!  Friday was the second session of our "Tuffit" class, with Krista Moser.  (She is soooo cool!)  There were some really great tuffits!  Here is Karen, working on hers.  Such pretty greens!
Here's Krista working with Sue.  Funny, Krista wore almost the same outfit as me on Friday.  She looks so cute - I kind of looked like a potato. Anyway,  The Tuffits all came together and many of the students are planing on making more for Christmas gifts.  Wouldn't you just love to have Santa bring one to you? 
Here's Marta and Nancy with their finished Tuffits.  Everyone's colors are so different, and they always come out great!  Be watching for a class after the first of the year. 
Then on Saturday, we had "Movie Night"  I had lots of fun, and I think everyone else did too.  We watched lots of movies and ate way too much good stuff.  We all went home around ten with lots of work on our projects done.  I think we may be doing this more often.  It's really fun. 
So this morning I got here early and the shop is all put back together and clean.  There was lots of popcorn all over the place.  Hmmmm?  I think it's all ready for another fun week!


Islandgirl said...

Carrol ~I hope you do the tuffit class again - on a weekend - so I can come! And the Hoochy Cow class too! Marta & Nancy....your tuffits look great! Miss you guys!


Sue said...

Nice pictures!!