Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Joanne

 Here's my good friend Donna with her sweet daughter Joanne.  Last Saturday was her birthday.  She just LOVES her birthday.  I'm so lucky she brought in a wonderful birthday cake to share with me and everyone that came in.  What a sweetie!  You can't help but be happy around her.  She brought in a small selection of some of her favorite birthday presents to show everyone.  Donna had to make two trips to the car to bring it all in.  Whew!! 
 This month is the kick off for our fall food drive.  Everyone got an extra 5% off the sale things all weekend.  Be looking for more deals, or just stop by and drop off some food.  I'm hoping to have lots to drop off at the food bank this year.  I know it's very much needed in our community this year. 
Last but not least..... here is the latest collection to come in.  Moda's "Etchings"  It's really beautiful!  We have a really nice kit that is made with this collection.  Hopefully we will have a sample real soon. 

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Donna H. said...

i'm going to mail Joann a copy of the picture you put in the blog. She'll love it!!!