Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bat Sale 2011

The big "Bat Sale" is this week end.  We have been getting lots in, so you have lots to choose from.  I think the biggest seller is Warm and Natural.  We sell LOTS of it.  The thing is, the cost of cotton products has gone WAY up this year.  Ok that's most of what I sell.  But maybe with 20% off, everyone can stock up a little bit.  The other big seller that I carry is Wool Batting.  If you havn't tried it, WOW  it's nice.  It's excellent for hand quilting.  The needle goes through sooooo smoothly.  It's got a little loft to it so it shows off your stitches nicely. I have also used it for quilts that are machine quilted.  As with hand quilting, it really shows off your stitches, and if you really heavily quilt it. It still stays very drapey. (not sure that's a word)  The wool batting also washes very nicely.  Ok, so don't use really HOT water. but I don't wash my quilts in hot anyway.  Warm and cool water works better.  
We also have Hobbs Heirloom batting and Hobbs Black Batting on the roll.  Then.... Just so you know that I carry them and they will be on sale also - I carry lots of Pellon fleece and fusible fleece. Ok, Come on in! 

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