Friday, October 21, 2011

A Successful Hoochy Cow Class

 Yesterday was our "Hoochy Cow" class.  I think it was fun!  I think the students enjoyed it too.  Here is a picture of part of the herd created.  It's all based on Marylou Weidman's new book. "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks"  We learned to do her carefree piecing commonly called "Hoochy Style" and made the basic cow. Then we did a little designing, making flowers, little birdies and even a barn.
Here's Norma's cow.  Isn't the little birdie cute!?  These quilts are really fun to make.  Marylou makes it easy to make all kinds of special quilts that would make anyone smile.  In her book there are princesses, birthday cakes, big birds and sew much more.  Sew creative!!! This morning we have the second session of our "Tuffit" class. They will put their project all together.  Stay tuned for a report.

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Islandgirl said...

Love Love Love the Hoochy Cows!