Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tri County Quilt Tour Report

Woooo whoooo!!!!  What a fun week!  The Tri County Quilt Tour (I Think) was a huge success!  We had lots and lots of happy hoppers come thorough, and they all seemed to be quite pleased with the whole affair.  The little charms were a fun addition.  I don't have any pictures for this post.  Sorry.  They place is a mess!  But, that's just fine!  I means we all had a good time!  Kind of like having a party at home.  If the place isn't a mess, it must not have been a good party!  I'll get all  the beer bottles picked up and post some pictures next week.  Hee Hee!  
I am kind of glad it's over though. It's been a very long two weeks.  So I am off for the next two days.   Ethel will be here to take care of you. I'm SO looking forward to waking up tomorrow and remembering it's my day off, cuddling up and going back to sleep!  That's the best time of the whole day off thing! See you all next week!

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Lyn said...

Enjoy! You deserve it! See ya next week.