Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tri County Quilt Tour Time Is Almost Here!

I'm SOOO excited!  My quilt is done and ready to hang.  I have all the patterns ready and now there is nothing to do but wait!  Ok! There is LOTS of things for me to do before we open the doors in two weeks for the Tri County Quilt Tour.  FIRST - I'll be out at the Q.A. Quilt Show in Monroe with allot of fun things from the shop all next week end.  Then on Sunday, my husband will drop everything I have out at the show onto a table in the classroom.  I will have two days to get the shop all put back together and polished up for the Tri County!  Whew!!!  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  But excited!  It's a fun time.  The picture  here is the cute "Charm" necklace that I made with all the charms that you can collect from the quilt shops during the tour.  I added some really cute beads from  Red Door Beads.  That's a really cute bead store not to far from Aunt Mary's  The silver, quilting charms are the ones that you can collect on the tour.  The little bobbin is from Aunt Mary's.  I'm excited about this little addition to the tour. So!  I hope you are all getting excited too!

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