Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Projects!

Yesterday, I showed just a little bit of the new fabrics coming in. Today, I thought I would show just a few of the new projects.  I have this wonderful quilt made by Cathy Reitan.  She works for "That Patchwork Place."  She's such a nice girl!  This quilt is featured in one of their books, "A Bakers Dozen."  She brought it in for us to love for a while.  It's sooooo pretty!  It's amazing that sometimes you see a quilt in a book, and it's pretty but it doesn't grab you.  Well, in person this quilt is GREAT!  That's why I like to get in trunk shows for books.  The details are so much nicer to see.
This is a new kit that we have in the shop.  The fabric is from "Windham."  I really like it.  It's got great coffee fabric in it.  All coffee beans and cups and things.  I may have to put it in our kitchen when it gets done selling fabric.  The yardage is going away fast, but we still have a few kits.  Stay tuned for more!!!

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