Friday, March 23, 2012

Quilt Tour - Mid Way Report

The 2012 Tri County Quilt Tour so far,  has been a big success!  Mother nature has been on our side big time!!!!  What beautiful weather we have had.  Who wouldn't want to go on a road trip?  All the fun quilters have had big smiles on their faces and seam to be having a great time. I think the little addition of collecting the charms has been really fun.  So far we have only run out of a few patterns.  But hopefully they will be coming in today.  Hard to tell. The company that supplies us is down in Eugene, Oregon.  They are currently snowed under.  Oh, Boy!!!  I'm glad it's them and not us.  It's hard to believe, with all the pretty sunshine we have here.  Well the girls are starting to come in, so I better go. Happy hopping!  Everyone!!!!

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