Saturday, March 31, 2012

When Things Go Missing

My goals for this blog is to show some of the fun things happening in the shop, New fun fabrics, classes and events that are happening. Aunt Mary's is a fun place to be and I like to share it.  Today, I'm going to go away from the fun stuff and talk a little about something that has been on my mind.  Shoplifting!  I know!  The first reaction is always........ NO WAY!  It couldn't happen in a Quilt Shop.  Yep!!!  In the past few weeks.  Two bolts of brand new fabric, a stack of fat quarters,  One of the "Clothesline Tote"  samples and even the poster that shows the Shop Hop Fabric for this year is missing from the bathroom door.  So! Not only am I out the revenue from the missing inventory, I'm embarrassed that one of my instructors samples is gone!  I always go through the stage where I'm angry, then I feel "Stupid",  ( I probably talked to the person and treated them the way I like to be treated, Like a friend)  Then I just have to go to the place where I just let it go.  Not much I can do anyway.  I think.......Bad Karma On YOU!!!  What else is there?  I refuse to have a shop where we can't feel comfortable, and I'm always suspicious. Sometimes I wonder what they are doing with the fabric anyway.  Making a beautiful quilt for someone they love?  Hmmmmm  that's hard to see.  It goes against the whole feeling of a quilt filled with love. 
Well, I wont go on much more.  After all, what can anyone do?  Just make it known that it's happening.  If your out there and your reading this....... Shame on you!!!!  Everyone else, Thank you for listening!

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