Friday, January 27, 2012

Tri County Quilt Tour Will Be Here In NO Time!!

Oh Me, Oh My!  Sometimes I get just a little overwhelmed with all the dead lines there are in life.  It's that time of year again, that all the great shops in Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom county get together to host a wonderful weekend of quilting pleasure for all of you.  There are 13 shops, and we all design a block pattern that gets made up by each shop into a one of a kind quilt.  None of us know what the other shop is doing.  What fabrics they are using and how they will lay out the quilt is a mystery. (Here's a sneak peek at one of my blocks.) Then...... Wednesday - through Saturday, March 21st through March 24th, all of you get to go on a wonderful adventure to stop in to our shops pick up a free block pattern, see our creations and enjoy the fun atmosphere. All the shops try to have drawings and fun games or door prizes. It's been a really fun "shop hop."   This year the Name of the event Is "Sew Northwest" I feel it's been more fun to do this one than the big one in June.  This year we are doing something new. Each of our shops are also giving out  cute little charm with a a purchase.   I'm really looking forward to it.  So mark your calendar now and get some friends together.  I know you will enjoy it!  For more information, and a list of the shops, go to   

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