Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ok! Enough!!!

Well, I ended up going home yesterday.  It was really hard for me to just lock the door and go home. After all, it's our anniversary sale.  I will probably just have the sale next week instead.  I did have a nice day at home though.  I decided to make bread.  That always makes me feel better, and the house smells comforting too.  I also got time to work on my Mystery sample.  It's almost done. The Class is in February.  I think it's going to a fun class.  So I guess all in all it turned out ok.  Now if we could just make it all go away fast. I will be happy.  I think the neighbor birdies were very happy I came in today.  The feeder was empty and looked like an igloo.  It took a while to thaw it out and get their little bistro up and running again.  Well, if your getting cabin fever.  Aunt Mary's is open today, and the espresso bar is up and running!

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Ginny said...

Are you crazy? stay home and safe!