Thursday, January 19, 2012

Governor Declares State Of Emergency For Quilt Shops

OK! Not really.  Although, I think we could use it.  Here is my wonderful husband scooping snow in the parking lot.  He does a great job of keeping it parkable.  It's just kind of hard to get To the parking lot!  Yesterday, I had a few faithful friends come hang out and sew for a while.  I love those guys!  I'm starting to feel like the Matage Repair Man!  This stuff HAS TO GO AWAY!  They say it's suppose to warm up tonight and rain.  Maybe there is still time to have our Anniversary party on Saturday.  I'm going to have all our sales that were suppose to happen this week - next week.   Today, I am cutting strip pacs for the Bali Wedding Star class that is next Saturday.  That will keep me busy for a while.  If your out and about.  Stop by!  I promise not to make you stay.  I so pathetic!  Sorry!!!!

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