Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anniversary Party A Success!

 Boy oh Boy!!! After last week, it was sooooo nice to see people again.  We had our anniversary party yesterday.  It was a great success!  I just had time to set out the cake and do a little decorating and cab lam!!!  customers everywhere!  (So I only got a picture of the cake)  (I'll never be a National Geographic wildlife photographer!) But, anyway, Thank you all for putting up with all my whining last week.  I am looking forward to having all the different sales all this next week. I think it will be fun.  Check my web site for a list of the sales.  There is some great savings to be had!
After all the nasty winter weather, it was nice to get some beautiful spring fabric in.  This is a line from Moda, called "Felicity".  It is just gorgeous!!  I may have to take a few charm pacs and make something with them to chase the winter blahs away.  Spring is really just around the corner!

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