Sunday, June 26, 2011

Renagade Hoppers!! Keep an Eye Out!

Well!  I made it through four days!!!  We have sure had some fun hoppers here having fun.  ( I hope they are having fun!  I AM)  this is a group of the funnest!  I always look forward to seeing them. I wish I could go with them.  The sign on their door is an official banner from the tiny country of Swederland.  I love their strategy - Get together - get out on the road and let's see what happens!!!! They always bring a good time to Aunt Mary's.  The first year I met them, there was an incident at Olive Garden...... Hmm....  I hope they didn't get into too much trouble this time.  I told them if they are north of Seattle and get into trouble, to give me a call and I will put up bail.  Happy Hopping Girls!!!!!

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