Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Adition Of The Tuffit Club

 Today was the "Tuffit"  class.  These girls really made some wonderul creations.  This has gotten to be a VERY popular class.  The wonderful and amazing Krista Moser teaches this one.  She makes it Soooo easy.
 Here's Karen with her fun Tuffit.  They always remind me of birthday cakes.  Happy Happy Happy!!!  This is the first time we did the class in a one full day class.  In the past we did it in two sessions.  I thisnk it went well.  The girls just had to really keep their heads down and sew like the wind!  Krista did let them stop for lunch though.
Here's Krista helping put Jan's Tuffit together.  I'm sure we will be doing this class again.  Probably not till the fall though.  Keep an eye out and get singed up!  These Tuffits would make a really wonderful Christmas gift!

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Querencia said...

I have been wanting a poof/tuffit for sooooo long. Wonderful. I really enjoy sewing but my skills are subpar. If I enrolled in the class when it happens again could I watch to learn how even if I couldn't complete it during the class time..?