Monday, June 20, 2011

Here's My Lattest and Greatest!

Ta Dah!!!!  I just got finished hanging this quilt.  I just love the moment when you can stand back and take it all in.  This was truly a FUN quilt to make.  It uses all Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I started out thinking they were kind of tricky to use.  All the big prints and all, but that turned out to be the fun part.  You get to find just the right little bit to go into your flowers and butterflies.   
So, now I am even more obsessed with his fabrics.  I had lots in my stash, but now, every one I see, I see potential.  This is a Kim  McLean pattern called "Flower Pots."   I have the patterns and lots of fabric to choose from here in the shop. 
I think my next project will be also one hers called "Lolly Pop Trees"  Can't wait!  I wish I had more hands!  I will be working on my Crabapple Hill, "Calendula Petterdrip's Cottage" for a bit.  Isn't life wonderful to give you so much to look forward to?


Iara Barros said...

I loved that.Can you please send me this projet?

Aunt Mary said...

Absolulty!! I have the pattern and lots of the fabric in fat quarter bundles that will get you started, but it takes quite a bitt of "Kaffe" fabric. so start collecting!

Querencia said...

Absolutely Incredible.