Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stephanie's Class was Great!

Here's Stephanie with one of her happy students. She taught her first class here called "Stacked Coins."  Everyone was very excited about their project.  Here is Cathy. (We had three Cathys in this class wow!)  I love the grey fabric she's using for her background.  I can remember not too long ago grey was not even in my top 100 favorite colors.  Now I think it's very cool.  Goes to show how we change with colors. 
 Anyway,  It was a very successful class and all the girls are looking forward to new classes that Steph will be teaching.  She has several lined up for the winter schedule.  One is a string pieced "Spider Web" quilt and she's also teaching "quilted valentines."  You can even mail them!  So, be looking for her new classes in the next schedule.  You may also want to check out her blog.  It's in my favorites on this page.  Just scroll down and click on her blog. You wont be sorry!

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