Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree! Have a Happy Holiday!!!

Here we are!  Almost all decorated for Christmas!  Well, Almost I still have lights to go around all the windows.  My Husband said he would help me on Friday.  Then it will be a magical Christmas Wonderland!  Ok!  Maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit. I like it though.  It's a fun time of year to merchandise the store.  You would hardly know that I'm such a Scruge!  That's a story for another time.    
I have lots of fun gifts for all you quilters coming in.  Pretty little scissors, new books, and all sorts of fun little things for your stockings.  You will have to make sure and tell "Santa what you want.  OH! And, don't forget to tell him you want a gift certificate.  So many times when they come in to find "just the right thing to make you happy." They think I will know just the thing, and they think a gift certificate is to impersonal. Well, in the quilt shop.  You are all so different.  One fabric or notion or goodie will make one person happy, but the next quilter doesn't like it at all. So, with a gift certificate, you can come in and get exactly what YOU want. Let him know it's OK. We also Have a "Santa Sale" Friday Saturday and Sunday, December 22nd, 23rd and 24th.  Santa can come in and get your goodies for 15% off and I will wrap them for free.  You better give him a list! Or!  Give me a call and I will have your order all ready for him to pick up!
We have been very busy making all kinds of kits for quick easy projects that you can make for gifts.  We have Pot holders, Pillow case Kits and of course the Christmas Tree Napkin kits.  All of these projects can be made in a half hour or less.  On Saturday December 10th.  We will be doing demos on all kind of last minute gifts to make.   Mark your calendar!  It will be fun!!  Happy Holidays!!!! Ho, Ho Ho!

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