Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Tree Napkin Kits Are Back

Here They are the Famous "Christmas Tree Napkins!"  I was  not going to make them this year.  I kind of thought maybe everyone has done them and they wouldn't go this year.  Boy, was I wrong. I had so many customers ask for them that I had to get them going again.  They really are fun and so very easy.  Here are the kits that I have so far.  I know I will be doing more.  They have been selling very well.  The kit makes four napkins and you can always use the pattern to use up all you scraps of Christmas fabric.  I had a lady tell me she made them for her table and the guests got to take the napkin home with them.  (That way, I guess you get out of washing them.  Hee hee) They only take a few minutes to make each one, so  you can make them for everyone you know!  Very Martha Stewart!  It's a good thing!

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