Sunday, November 18, 2012

Floor Quilts = Fun and Creativity

Sunday morning......  I sure had a hard time getting up!  The rain was falling and my little dogs were all cuddly!  I was out of milk for my coffee. UGH!!!! Well, I made it to work and students were already here a half hour early!  They were all excited to make floor quilts.  Ok!  So I made myself a latte (Extra shot) and got going. 

Wow!  all the creativity just got me going.  It's kind of contagious.    Here's Kathy with her creation.  VERY pretty with lots of beautiful batiks.  
Here's Barbara.  I love her mat.  It's this really fun chicken fabric. I think she was pleased with her project as well.  So all in all, I'm sure glad I got up and got going today.  I love to teach a fun project like this.  I'm a VERY LUCKY girl.  Just kind of a sleep head!

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