Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh! What a Beautiful Morning!

I went to bed last night with rain on the roof. This morning the birdies are singing, the sun is out and EVERYTHING is green!  This is a picture of the trees outside the classroom window.  It seams like it was just two weeks ago. Their were tiny little buds on the trees.  Now!  They are lush green.  With every green in the pallet! I know so many of you don't like the rain. But we would not have the beautiful greens without it.  And when we get blue sky. It is REALLY BLUE!  I love living in the Northwest,  
And, here in the shop, we have been getting lots of new fabric.  This is a line from "In The Beginning"  Called "Chickadee"   So pretty!  It's got a beautiful big panel, a border stripe, and several coordinates.  If I didn't have too many projects to get done before Shop Hop.  I would make something from this line.  There are just lots of fun things coming in.  Spring Market was just last week so the new books, patterns and fabrics will be flying in soon.  SO MUCH TO DO!  Off I go!

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