Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun Classes - Great Teacher!

Stephanie Davis!  A VERY exciting, creative new teacher here at Aunt Mary's.   She has taught several class now and everyone loves her!  I have had the pleasure of calling Stephanie a friend for almost as long as Aunt Mary's has been around. She has a wonderful style.  I would say it could be described as "Playful" "Relaxed" "Fun" and "Modern."   I kind of hesitate to say "Modern" I think it may scare some people.  It's a new very popular movement in quilting that some quilters are reluctant to accept.  I think it's got a place in quilting.  The more I see the more I like it, and I think Stephanie's quilts are beautiful!  This Quilt is called "Scrappy Trip"  an old traditional pattern with a modern spin.  This class is on Friday, May 24th. 
This quilt is called "Confetti"  It usees up lots of your scraps (I know you have lots of those) and make them fall all over the quilt like confetti!  Stephanie will be teaching this class this Sunday.  Let's get you signed up! You will be very glad to have taken a class from Steph.

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