Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Little Sneek Peek Of my Shop Hop Block

It's so hard to believe that its already time to start getting ready or the BIG Northwest Washington Quilt Shop Hop.  But here we are as spring comes in, it's time to get ready. The fabric samples have arrived and I have to create yet another fun, easy, fantastically creative, wonderful block to represent Aunt Mary's.  Hmm...... Think, Think,Think.  Can't be too hard to do.........Has to stand out on the poster so EVERYONE will want to get one........Think, Think, Think!!!!  Ok!  here is is!!!!  Or at least a mock up.  What do you think?  I think It will be ok.  This years fabric is fun.  So far the customers that have seen it, tell me they like it.   OK!  I'm happy!  Don't forget to stop in and pre order your fabric so that you are assured to get what you want.  Last year Everyone ran out.   It's never too early for all of you to start getting your friends together and making plans.  Our Tri County Shops are working on our fun "Treasure Hunt" again.   I think I'm kind of getting excited!

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