Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tomorrow is "Day Camp"

It's SUMMER!  Today is suppose to get over 90.  Frankly, anything over 75 is too hot for me.  I'm ready for the weather to cool off.  Not Only is August the slowest month of the year in the shop.  If I get too hot, I a big lazy bones!  There are always thing for me to work on.  (The fall class schedule,  a newsletter, organizing, cleaning. blaw, blaw, blaw) The list goes on and on.  Maybe what I need is a day with other quilters working on a fun project.  Well, I'm in Luck!  Saturday is "Day Camp" here in the shop.  We will be sewing and having fun, (In Air Conditioning)  From 10am - 10pm.  AND, I will even make us a delicious dinner. It will be a mini retreat! There are still a few spots left if this sound good to you.  It's only $25.  I would love to have you!   

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Islandgirl said...

Wish it were on a Saturday! I am in serious need of a "Day Camp"!