Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a Mystery

I'm still having trouble with this stupid new interface.  I can't get a picture to go on this post.  So I'm a little frustrated with the blog right now.  Maybe I should just focus on the good things!  Today was a realy fun day!  It started with teaching the floorquilt class.  It was lots of fun! (I had pictures, but they won't load) The girls were VERY creative.  I like teaching that class!  And tomorow is a REALY fun class.  Aunt Mary's Winter Mystery.  I would show you a picture but - #1 - It won't load and #2 I can't caus then it wouldn't be a mystery!  The one thing I will say is - I really like the one I did as a sample.  I will be hanging it in the shop after the class, so you will have to stop by and see it.    

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