Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Ferocious Quilt Eating Dog

For those that would like to look away.......  Here he is Henry! The ferocious quilt eating dog.  Here he is sitting on the quilt with at least twenty holes in it.  This little guy can LOOK so Innocent.  Believe me... He's not!  One day I left the living room with him playing with a little stuffed animal.  Approximately  three minutes latter I came back.  There was stuffing literally falling from the sky. It was all over the room.  He was covered in it! He even some on top of his head.  He gives me this look  like "Look what somebody else did!"  "It really wasn't Me" What a goof!  I have more quilts.  However, they won't probably be on my bed for a while. 

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