Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fat Tuesday At Aunt Mary's

This Tuesday is Fat Tuesday here at the the shop.  Traditionaly, thats the day befor Lent, and we are supose to give something up.  Well,  let's not make it fabric!  On Fat Tuesday, all the fat quarters will be just $1.89 each!  Whew!  What a savings!  The regular price is $3.19 each, and I would really love to say that price won't be going up any time soon.  But!  I'm not too sure about that.   The prices just keep flying! 

There are lots and lots of fat quarters all over the shop.  Not only this big case full, but, we also have five big drawers in the cutting table in the classroom.The tops the cases in the shop are covered with some of the fabrics that just came in.  There are really lots to choose from.  So this Tuesday, Get out your pretty beads and stop by and stock up!

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