Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Only 23 Days to Tri County Quilt Tour - "Birds of a Feather"

It's March 1st and here is Aunt Mary's version of our "Birds of a Feather" quilt. We had WAY too much fun making this quilt. Aunt Mary's Block is the cute little penguin up in the left hand corner. When my boys were little I found a book at the library. (Don't remember the name. Maybe you can help) It was about a little penguin that wants to see the world. So he sets out on an adventure. So here he is. having many adventures while visiting friends in each block.
He gets to have lots of fun on his journey. My friends and my husband came up with way more things than I could possibly put in. But I think our little friend gets to do a lot of adventuring!
When he travels to the bottom of the quilt, he finds that he is homesick and wants to go home. So around the border he flies home and parachutes into his block. Home sweet home!
I can't wait to see the other shops quilts. I may have to take a day off and go see them.

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Megan said...

Carol-i love this quilt. What's the size of the blocks? Did you ever find out the name if the book?