Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Finished Quilt!

I have been so busy with all the events around here that I have not had time to show off the quilt that I just finished in time to put in my booth at the Q.A. Show. It's a B.O.M. By Verna Mosquera, called Noel." I have it here in the shop to sell as a complete kit, or I have the pattern for sale. At fist I wasn't too sure I liked all the pink, but as I got going and added the other soft colors, I fell in love! I know it's a Christmas quilt, but Christmas will be here in no time at all, and if you start now you can have it finished by November at the latest!
I really enjoyed every minute of this quilt. Now I have had a hard time finding something else I want to start. It's kind of like finishing a REALLY good book. It's kind of hard to pick up just any old book after that. Don't worry though. I just saw a new one that I think will be my next project. I better find something fast though. I have such a hard time in the evening without any hand work to do. I have probably gained a few pounds! I might just have to start smoking!

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