Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you Ready for a Really Great Quilt Show?

It seams to be quilting month. There are just tons of fun activities for the quilter. Last week of course was Expo. I heard good things. Next week is the Quilters Anonymous Quilt Show in Monroe. I always look forward to this show.Maybe because I have a booth there and get to see lots of friends that I only see a few time a year. It's fun to catch up. I also get to see all the wonderful quilts. I hear there are even more than ever there this year. It should be a fun time. I hope to see you there.
BUT THEN....Just two days after ripping my shop apart for the show, The Tri County Quilt Tour starts. So I have to have the shop all put back together and looking top notch with all the fun things I have planned for you. No pressure there! Oh well, I have lots of help. Don't know what I would do without my posse. We will get it done. I hope you have plans to join us on the tour. I think it's more fun than the "Big One" in June. I am really excited! What a fun month!!!
But I would be in trouble if I didn't mention that It's not over when this month is done. April is big too. My good friend Marylou Wiedman will be having a showing at the LaConner Quilt Museum. I know the opening reception for her is on the first weekend in April. Check her blog for more information. She never stops inspiring me. But then...Camano Island Quilters Quilt Show is in April. They only have it every other year. It's a really fun one. Ok, I guess I should mention Fidalgo Island Quilters show. It's in April too. OK!!! I better stop. I will forget someone and be in trouble. But if this isn't enough to keep the quilt fanatic busy and out of the tavern, I don't know what is! Let's get out on the highway!! See you there!!!

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