Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solids! What's Old Is New Agan

 Yep!  Solids are back and are quite popular!  five years ago I sold very little solid fabric.  All the tone on tone fabrics were the "go withs" and they still are. But solid fabrics are stepping up.  If you are reading my blog, you probably read other quilting blogs.  Blogs are really influencing the quilting industry.  The "Modern" look is in!  I have had people ask me if I like it.  Yep!  I thinks some of the style is that the quilts are "minimal"  and easy looking looking. But  if you study the patterns, some are really deceptively "simple" looking. You have to get all the seams to match up exactly.  If you have ever tried to use really high contrasting fabrics. You will know that you can't make a mistake.  It shows.  If the seams don't match up, get out the seam ripper.  So techniques are important.  But what I really like about the modern look is the empty spaces for the quilting!  The quilting can be AMAZING!  On solid fabrics the quilting shows up beautifully.  I love it!!
Books are coming out regularly now, with the modern look.  Next time you see one. Check it out.  You may like it!  We have several classes with modern quilts.  Krista Moser is teaching the "Modern Chevron Quilt." It's beautiful, and Stephanie Davis is teaching the "Striped Strips Quilt."  FUN!  Come check them out!

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