Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My BEST Assets

These are my Friends Ethel and Kathy. Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely could not run this shop without them? Well, it's time I did! They are the BEST!!!  These are the ladies that are here if I'm not.  They are always ready to help out all my great customers with whatever it takes to make you happy.  I know the shop is in good hands while I'm away.  But that's not all,  They do soooo much around here that I would have a very hard time listing them.   They even listen to me when I'm in a whiny, oh poor me mood. I hope they know just how much I appreciate them. Kathy is the one that made the cute, crazy quilt covered stool in front of the cutting counter. They both are always up to make just about any quilt project I throw their way.  They both make a mean cup of espresso too.  And besides that.......  Aren't they cute?!!!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  THANKS!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous, they are two of my favorite people.