Friday, September 23, 2011

Bali Who?

"Bali Bags,"  "Strip Therapy" book and many of Judy Niemeyer patterns call for "Bali Pops."  Bali Pops are 2 1/2" strip rolls made by Hoffman. They are really beautiful! But! did you know that Many other company's offer Strip rolls that are just a beautiful?  yep! Timeless Treasures, Batik Textiles, Princess Murrah and many other companies are out there producing the best stuff just for our playtime.  So next time your looking at a pattern that calls for a "Bali Pop"  remember there are lots of others to choose from too.  We just got in new strip pacs from Timeless and Batik textiles.  They are soooo pretty!  We also got a new thing. 
Pacs of 10" squares of yummy batiks.  There are lots of patterns that use those too.  They just call them "Layer Cakes" (That's Moda, the makers of "Jelly Rolls") whew!  confusing?  Heck! Let's just get some and play!!!

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