Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roxanne Carter! How Does She Do It?

 This Morning we had "Girls Day Out" With Roxanne Carter.  I can not say enough about her.  She is such a great teacher!  Here she is showing us one of her new quilts.  This one is "Storm at Sea"  She gives each student in the class one of her patterns each session.  Nobody can figure out how she keeps coming up with so many quilts each month.  She is always about three months ahead of everyone. I think she NEVER sleeps. Her patterns are VERY WELL done.  I carry lots of them in the shop.  She has you do them the easiest way possible.  There is always a new trick to learn. 
This is another version of 'Storm at Sea."  Just another way of  laying it out.  Isn't it beautiful?   I feel very lucky to have her here six times each month.  She has a very loyal student base. I can't remember ever having to cancel a class because we didn't have enough students.  Maybe you would like to join us?  Check out our website for her schedule.  Give us a call and we will get you signed up.  See you then!

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