Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just one Left!

Ok! All the kits are almost gone.  We only have just one more left.  This is such a pretty quilt.  I really had a great time making it.  It's a pattern from Vintage Spool, called "Noel."  Verna Mosquera is the designer.  She really does a terrific job with her patterns.  All the designs are full size, so that you don't have to blow them up. But, not only that.  There are close up pictures of each of the blocks so that you can see exactly where each of the fabrics go.  NICE JOB!   It's done in such pretty colors. Soft pinks and greys. who would have thought to make a Christmas quilt with those colors?  Well, I have had several people in my life try to put dibs on it.  I think I will keep it for me for a while.  Let them sweat!  That way they have to be nice to me. 

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