Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy Week!

Boy oh boy have I been working hard this week!  Roxanne was here Monday and Tuesday.  I got my newsletter written and e-mailed to everyone on my list (Are you on my list?)  Sent it out to be written up for a hard copy and found about five mistakes.  BLAW!!!!  So  I got those fixed. (Well,  at least the ones I found.,  I always hear from someone that there are more)  I think we have some great classes and other fun things on this schedule.  I'm excited! 
I taught a "Buggy Barn"  class yesterday.  (Fun)  It was a great group.  I can't wait to see their projects when they are done.   Now, today I have an Embroidery class. They should be trooping through the door any minute.  All smiley faces, and ready to learn.  How exciting!  So, off I go!

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