Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a FUN Class!

Such sweet smiling faces came out of this class last Friday! Not to mention the sweet projects they finished. Here is Dorothy and "Stephanie the short" showing off their Tuffits. Arn't they cute?Everyone in the class finished and are planning on doing more Tuffits for wonderful gifts to special people they love. I wish I could get on their list.
I just love to be up front in the shop and listen to the girls work and giggle in the classroom. I think it is the mark of a succesful class. However in this one everyone finished a project and they loved them!
This class was taught by the very special Krista Moser. She is truly an amazing person. She made this class so special. Each tuffit is soooo different. They kind of reflect the people making them. I'm thinking this will be a class we have again. The pattern is always available in the shop, so if you can't wait for a class.....

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