Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Autumn Splendor

Linda Tellesbo droped off this quilt. It's the third option that you can work on in her workshop that is coming up in March. (There is still four spaces) Linda Tellesbo teaches Judy Niemeyer quilting.
Isn't this quilt pretty? I have it hanging in the back of the shop. The sun shinning through it makes it look like stained glass. Soooo pretty!
The class will be very interesting. Linda knows all of Judy's trick to make the piecing much easier. When Judy taught here several years ago, everyone really came away with a much better understanding of how her quilts go together. I know some of them have gotten very addicted to her patterns, and have made several that have been award winners in local shows I just love having them hang in the shop. I'm VERY lucky!

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