Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Fun Class!

Sunday was such a rainy day in the neighborhood! It was gloomy and wet! You should have been here at Aunt Mary's, enjoying a really fun class, a hot pumpkin spice latte and some great company!!! This is the "Spicy, Spiral Table runner" Everyone had such a great time. Here's Denise with her creation.

Our wonderful instructor was Ethel, She's is simply the most warm wonderful person I know, and she happens to know a few things about quilting too! I just LOVE her.
The colors were all so different with each project, so it was fun to see how they were coming out.

Here's Sandy! What a fun lady! and a great smile too!

Diane picked out such pretty colors. It was really fun to see how each one was different. We had Christmas fabrics,Fall Fabric and to dye for batiks! You can NEVER go wrong with batiks! All in all a really fun day!

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