Friday, July 22, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

As you have read, I took some time off for summer vacation.  You would think I would do no quilting at all. Guess what?!! I really love quilting!!!  So I worked on this quilt fresh from the new "Buggy Barn" book Still Crazy.  I really enjoy their patterns.  I have done at least one and sometimes more quilts from ALL of their books.  I'm a big fan!!!  The quilts are so whimsical and fun, and fun to make too.  No worries about matching exactly or exact quarter inch seams.  Stack up some fun fat quarters, cut out the pattern, shuffle the stacks and start sewing! Just enjoy the process and have fun!  We do have a "Buggy Barn"  quilting class coming up next month.  Thursday, August 18th from 10 - 4. It's been one of our most popular classes.  Most of my past students have gone on to make lots of the "Buggy Barn" patterns.  They really are VERY addictive!  Aren't these Turkeys Fun!!!  The new book has other fun quilts that I will probably have to make too.  There is an Ice Cream Cone quilt and a cute one with Christmas stockings.  Hmmm? Which one should I do now?

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