Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Great Book Review

Every once in while a new book comes in and kind of stays off my radar for a little while.  This book came in last month, just before Shop Hop, So I really didn't get a chance to even crack the cover.  Then in comes a customer looking for it.  She said a couple of her friends had been playing with it and WOW!  So I had to take a look......  IT'S REALLY GREAT!! By just using strip sets of mostly 2 1/2" strips (Yes it's jelly roll friendly) and using a 90 degree ruler.  Do some very easy cutting.  (There is a special ruler from creative grid, but you don't have to use it. A regular 90 degree ruler will work) It makes some very fun and complicated looking quilts. This Saturday, we have DEMO DAY here in the shop.  I will be demonstrating this book and how fun and easy all the quilts are to make.  I also have some other fun patterns and new products to demonstrate also.  So,  stop in any time on Saturday and I'll show you some new tricks!

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