Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sharing,BBQ and Shoping!

What a fun Day! Here's my friend Donna and her husband, Ray. They are enjoying a BBQ lunch and visiting. For some reason nobody else would let me take their pictures while they were eating?

Here's Deb with such a great way to display a quilt! I am of the opinion that all quilts are a piece of art. framing it was such a great idea!

Here's my friend Sherry's quilt. It's another finished quilt from Aunt Mary's Saturday sampler class 2008. I love it!!! Sherry really has a way with color!

Here's Cleo's quilts. shes is such a shy retiring personality. Her quilts so totally reflect her! I had such a great time this week with all the sharing of quilts. It's so rewarding to think I influenced some of these ladies. I am VERY Proud to know all of you. THANK YOU!

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