Monday, October 19, 2009

Whewww!!!! what a weekend!!!

Here's Freddy and the group of wonderful quilters that came to Freddy's workshop. What a fun time we all had! I'm sure tired anyway! I had Sunday off and I slept most of the afternoon. I guess that means I had fun.
Freddy's quilts are so much fun! She loves bright, happy fabric (it just happens to be my favorite fabric as well) and her thing is to just relax and play at quilt making. Sometimes that's a big obstacle for people. The more fabric in a quilt the better!!! This little quilt makes you just look and look at it. Each time you see something new!

Just look at this place! It kind of feels like the fabric world just exploded all over my classroom! I guess all the best party's make a mess in your house. Oh well, it won't take long to get it all back to normal by Monday afternoon and we will want to have another party. I think everyone had a great time and are looking forward to having Freddy back. Maybe early next year? Stay tuned to find out.

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