Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Field Trip

Last Friday I took a little field trip and went to the Camano Island Quilters, quilt show in Stanwood. I had such a great time, and boy oh boy did they have a nice show. This is a group of my friends that I ran into. They are standing in front of a real show stopper!!! I always enjoy going to shows., especially when I don't have to work there. I just love to see lots of my customers master pieces on display.

Yep! You just never know who you will run into. These two fun ladies were there selling some great things. Rosealee's husband was there selling some wonderful quilt racks and other wooden quilt things we are always looking for. I nabbed his business card so if you need that kind of thing just let me know. I am soooo lucky to have so many friends!!! there a several more shows coming up so stop by, pick up some info, and mark your calendar. Maybe I'l see you there!

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