Sunday, August 3, 2008

A great place to relaxe with an esspresso

Did you know Aunt Mary's has a full service Espresso bar? It's a great place to stop by with a friend and catch up over a great drink. Just let us know what you like. We can fix you up! We can also make them "to go".
Each cup is a masterpiece! This is our famous "Big @#* Mocha" try our special every month. This month we have our Frosted Mocha on special. It's a delicious, icy blended mocha. We can make it regular or sugar free. MMMM.....

Here is my good friend Jeanie. Working on her quilt and enjoying a great mocha.


dot said...

Oh, that looks sooo goood.

Donna H. said...

Thats my favorite mocha !!!! Best one around!!