Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Fall Class Schedule is now Ready!

Everyone seems to be eagerly awaiting the fall schedule. It's the time of year we all snugle in and want to get back to quilting after a long summer of other things. Well, I think you will all be pleased with the classes we have to offer. If you didn't get my e-mail with the schedule. Stop by the shop and pick one up. This quilt is a class that Judy Irish will be teaching. "Hollow Cubes" It's a great study of value.
This is just one of the great "Buggy Barn" projects that you could choose to work on in my class - Buggy Barn Quilting. this is one of my favorite classes to teach. Very carefree, fun and each block comes out in a different colorway so it's always a surprise.

There's something for everyone! Here is the Funky, "Crazy Lampshade" That Donna Holthusen will be teaching. Creat one to match somone's personality. There is other fun gift giving projects for the upcomming holidays.

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