Friday, May 17, 2013

The Shop Hop Fabric Has Arrived

The great Western Washington Shop Hop is just around the corner.  Boy oh boy the time goes by fast!  I think there is more to do to get ready for this event than getting ready for Christmas.  2500 block kits,  fat quarter pacs, samples and soooo much more.  I have such mixed feelings about this event.  I really enjoy the actual days of it, but not getting ready. This will be my 13th shop hop, so we have got it down to a pretty good routine. The blocks will get done in no time at all.  I think the fabric is fun this year.  I like my block that we created. It's fun and easy to make.  I will post a picture of my block soon.  Customers seam to like the fabric as well.  We have had allot of pre-orders.  Last year all the shops ran out of the fabric.  I have a feeling this fabric will go fast.  Have you got yours ordered?  Well, I better get myself in gear and start cutting this morning.  Here I go............

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