Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Boy Oh Boy! I'm feeling little frazzled! I had that nasty cold that is going around and took a few days off. We won't even talk about that. Now I'm getting ready for the Q.A Quilt Show out at the Monroe fair grounds this week-end. I will be having a vendors booth so there's just lots and lots to do. It's really a great show. I hope to see everyone there. I try not to take the whole shop, but I just don't know what to leave here. So if your planing to come to Aunt Mary's this week-end it will look a little empty. But then........ next week-end is the TRI COUNTY QUILT TOUR!!! Yep! I will have two days (Monday and Tuesday) to get it all back to beautiful so everyone can come and visit! NOOOO PRESSURE THERE!
I will try and post some pictures on Monday of the Quilt Show. So until then. Toodle loo.

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