Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lot's of new fabric!

Aunt Mary's is chalk full of new spring fabric! This is a new line from Mark Lapinsky (Quilters Home Magazine. What a Nut!) This one is called "Krakow" I lOVE IT! I hear he was at Expo in Puyallup, and was a show stopper. Well, I think the new line of fabric kind of reflects him, Edgy and fun.
We have lots of great fabrics in with big wonderful flowers. This is just a few of the new ones from Philip Jacobs with Westminster Fabrics. I just love to have a big piece to pet and look at. Who needs to cut it up? But if you have to, I have a new pattern in that uses these fabrics to make a really easy quilt.

Here's a new line from Timeless Treasures. I'ts very sweet and kind of funky. It's soooo nice to see some springy colors It's still a little early to get out in the yard, so maybe you can still have some sunny spring color in your world. Stop by and see.

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