Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Movie Night

DON'T MISS OUT ON MOVIE NIGHT! This has been such a fun event! From noon to midnight, we sew, play games, win prizes, eat popcorn and pizza, watch movies and just have a fun time with each other. The cost is $35. Dinner and other goodies are provided. If you were your PJ's you get 15% off in the shop for the event. We still have some space so give me a call or stop by and sign up.

Have you ever wondered what we do with the popcorn machine in the classroom? Well, We brought it in for movie night two years ago and It has been fun to make popcorn for events like movie night, the Christmas Club, shop hop and any other time it sounds good. We will be making fresh popcorn all day on movie night. So even if you didn't join us for the day, stop by for some popcorn and enjoy some fun while you are here.

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